101 Creamery Road, Greentown, PA 18426
(570) 252-4222
(570) 676-3760
101 Creamery Road
Greentown, PA 18426
(570) 252-4222
(570) 676-3760
Italian Salad
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    Please allow approximate 30-60 minutes for preparation and Delivery of Order.

  • Minimum Delivery Amount
    Minimum order amount for delivery order is $10 (Excluding Tip & Tax amount).

  • Delivery Area
    We provide free delivery within 5 miles. Beyond 5 miles, restaurant will confirm your order.

  • Delivery Charge Based On Distance
    $1.00 will be charged extra per mile over 5 miles.

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    The order amount must be at least $10, in order to pay by Paypal/Credit Card